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Skaled’s consultants quickly understood our goals and seamlessly integrated themselves as a reliable partner. They helped us refine our Go-To-Market strategy for our Microsoft IoT Central business. As a result, we leveled-up our top tier partners globally.

— Rahul Garg, Senior Program Manager

We engaged Skaled at a critical time – our sales team had doubled and we wanted to streamline organizational structure and handoff processes, as well as strategically combine efforts in certain markets. Skaled dramatically increased Grovo’s team alignment and sales velocity.

— Jeff Fernandez, Cofounder & CEO, Grovo

We rearchitected every sales role at Survata based on the work we did with Skaled. We were given the processes, workflow and confidence to go after enterprise level contracts and close $100,000+ size deals. Skaled has their fingerprint all over our sales machine.

— Chris Kelly, CEO & Co-Founder at Survata

We bring strategic and tactical talent to every engagement, driven by results and 100,000+ hours of sales leadership experience.

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