50 Social Selling Pros in B2B We’re Following On LinkedIn

top 50 social selling pros on linkedin

50 Social Selling Pros in B2B We’re Following On LinkedIn

In a previous post we discussed what is social selling and what Sales Leaders can do to shift their mindset to social engagement

As Part 2, we’re sharing a curated list of some of the top people in B2B sales and marketing who are taking social selling to the next level on LinkedIn as engagers. We’ve given you the 3 changes you need to make to up-level your own social selling strategy to a social engagement strategy, but these CEOs, leaders, and gurus can also show you the way in what it looks like to build a personal professional brand on LinkedIn in order to successfully build relationships and a career.

CEOs & Founders

These CEOs and Founders aren’t just promoting their companies, products, and employees on LinkedIn. They are using LinkedIn to help build their companies, by developing, nurturing and leveraging relationships.

    1. Amit Bendov, Co-Founder and CEO, Gong.io
    2. David Cancel, CEO, Drift
    3. Kyle Porter, CEO, SalesLoft
    4. Jackie Hermes, Founder & CEO, Accelity
    5. Jake Dunlap, CEO, Skaled Consulting & Skaled Media
    6. Arianna Huffington, CEO, Thrive Global
    7. Angelina Lawton, Founder & CEO, Sportsdigita
    8. Carolyn Betts Fleming, Founder & CEO, Betts Recruiting
    9. John Barrows, CEO, JBarrows Sales Training
    10. Josh Braun, Founder, Sales DNA
    11. Jay Baer, Founder, Convince & Convert
    12. Sam Jacobs, Founder, Revenue Collective
    13. Joe Mullings, President & CEO, The Mullings Group
    14. Shay Rowbottom, CEO, Rowbottom Marketing
    15. Brian G. Burns, CEO, The B2B Revenue Leadership Show
    16. Sara Blakely, Founder & CEO, Spanx
    17. Liz Ryan, Founder & CEO, Human Workplace
    18. Melonie Dodaro, CEO, Top Dog Social Media
    19. Kasey Jones, CEO, A Better Jones
    20. Tima Elhajj, CEO & Founder, Tima Media & Consulting
    21. James Ski ,Founder & CEO, Sales Confidence
    22. Daniel Disney, Founder & Owner, The Daily Sales
    23. Aaron Ross, Co-CEO, Predictable Revenue

Sales & Leadership

These sales veterans are paving their way in leadership and using LinkedIn to build up their networks and tap into new business potential. Building up a personal professional brand is also something that will move with you as you progress in your career.

    1. Lori Richardson, B2B Sales Growth Strategist, Score More Sales
    2. Nicolette Mullenix, Sr. Director Global Sales Development, Snowflake
    3. Morgan Ingram, Director of Sales Execution and Evolution, JBarrows Sales Training
    4. Scott Barker, Head of Partnerships, Sales Hacker, Inc.
    5. Kevin Dorsey, VP of Inside Sales, PatientPop Inc.
    6. Sam Nelson, SDR Leader, Outreach
    7. Brigette Hyacinth, Keynote Speaker on Leadership, HR, AI, and Digital Transformation, BrigetteHyacinth.com
    8. Deb Berman, Founder & Advisor, DB Career Building
    9. Mark Roberge, Managing Director, Stage to Capital
    10. Brian Galicia, Global Sales Leader, Microsoft
    11. Asad Zaman , Partner & Managing Director, Sales Talent Agency, Inc.

Marketing & Sales Gurus

It takes a special person to become a guru in both Sales and Marketing as aligning these two groups is a constant struggle businesses face. 

We also want to be clear with this last group that building a personal professional brand on LinkedIn isn’t just for CEOs, Sales Leaders, and Marketing. Anyone can, and should, use LinkedIn to build a trusted network of business relationships and fans. These are just the top dogs in our business.

    1. Gabe Villamizar, Global Sales Evangelist, Lucidchart
    2. Chris Orlob, Senior Director Product Marketing, Gong.io
    3. Udi Ledergor, VP Marketing, Gong.io
    4. Ryan Bonnici, CMO, G2
    5. Max Altschuler, Vice President of Marketing, Outreach
    6. Koka Sexton, VP of Marketing, Betts Recruiting
    7. Neil Patel, Co-Founder, Crazy Egg & Neil Patel Digital
    8. Chantel Soumis, Speaker & Creative Director, Stardust Creative
    9. Jen Sieger, Director, Specialist Sales, Microsoft
    10. Alicia Tillman, CMO, SAP
    11. Dave Gerhardt, VP of Marketing, Drift
    12. Joe Matar, Director of Marketing, Brazen Technologies
    13. Ethan Beute, Chief Evangelist, BombBomb
    14. Patrick Ward, Editor-In-Chief, High Speed Experts
    15. Preksha Kaparwan, Co-Founder, CMO – Alphaa AI
    16. Richard Moore, Head of Growth,  Entrepreneur Business Live

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*Disclaimer: These names are listed in no particular order. 

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