5+ Years of Sales Meetings With HR Execs, Simplified:

Between Skaled, CareerBuilder, and Glassdoor, I have met with senior HR executives at most of the Fortune 100 and many of the Fortune 500 companies.   What have I learned from my 10,000 hours?

1. They are really sick of better ads, better targeting, and better algorithms.  You probably do way more than that, but if you can’t find something more unique, you are in trouble.

2. The desire to be disrupted is there.  People at the top are screaming for new strategies to get in front of the right people.

@dailymuse is a good example of a company bringing something new to the space by using marketing and thought leadership strategies to get in front of talent. Want to get amazing people to your site? Try being in Mashable or WSJ every week like this team.

3. LinkedIn is the standard. Don’t fight it, compliment it.

4. HR does have budget, they just tell you they don’t because you sound like everybody else.  People don’t like to say no and this is the easiest way to get you to leave them alone politely.

5. The interview process is completely neglected as a main reason for high churn.  We are using the same techniques we used 20 years ago to screen for a completely different type of employee.  Phone screens??? What’s the point when you can meet and greet people with video and cut through the weeds with TTI or others.

There are many other issues that HR is facing, but if you are hoping to sell to this group, focus on solving these problems or providing a new perspective.  You will get the meeting and maybe even a deal.

Thank you,

Jake Dunlap, CEO Skaled

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