6 Sales and Marketing Webinars We’re Watching This Week to Stay Informed

sales and marketing webinars

Need advice on leading remote Sales and Marketing teams and transitioning to a fully remote workplace? Needed advice yesterday? Many companies are coming together and hosting sales and marketing webinars who have experience working, selling, and marketing remotely, staying connected as a team online, and use effective strategies to communicate with prospects and businesses digitally. 

And they’re taking to virtual events to help share their years of experience and knowledge. Below are six virtual events that include webinars, multi-part sessions, and panels that we’ll be watching and presenting this week.

We know teams are busy adjusting, so the great thing about these virtual events is most of them you can register for and receive the recording to watch later if you can’t make it live.


#1 [Working Remote Webinar] – 3/25 Wednesday @ 1:00 PM ET

Navigating The Remote Workplace During Covid-19

Presented by Electric, Justworks, OrgOrg, and Donut

Navigating The Remote Workplace During Covid-19


This webinar is going to be huge for leaders at any company that’s never steered a remote workforce. The panelist session will be hosted by leaders from Electric, Justworks, OrgOrg, and Donut.

Another great reason to register is not only will they send the recording, but they’ll also be providing helpful content around Cybersecurity best practices when working remote, WFH Policy templates, and more.

What’ they’ll cover:

  • Setting expectations for your teams
  • Sharing best practices (such as why dedicated “work-free” spaces are so important)
  • Helpful tips and tricks to keep your team motivated and productive (how to optimize your WFH environment)
  • And of course, their best to answer all of your questions! 


#2 [Sales and Marketing Webinar] – 3/25 Wednesday – 3/27 Friday @ 2:00 PM CT

Outbound and Marketing in Difficult Times: What We Can Do Now to Thrive

Presented by Jake Dunlap, CEO of Skaled & Guests

Outbound and Marketing in Difficult Times: What We Can Do Now to Thrive


The power of LinkedIn in Sales is something our CEO and company have been passionate about for a while. With sales teams and most of the world under quarantine, building organic relationships purely online and remaining sensitive to the situation is going to be a tough transition for a lot of sales teams.

We’ve split this content up into a three-part series next week with different expert guests to dive in deep without stealing three hours of a single day, but these topics will build on each other. More information on these sessions can be found here

  • 3/25 Wednesday: Outreach Messaging During Uncertain Times. 
  • 3/26 Thursday: Maintaining and Cultivating the Relationship after the Connection. 
  • 3/27 Friday: Outbound Strategy Adjustments. 



#3 [Remote Sales Webinar] – 3/23 Monday – 3/30 Monday @ 10:00 AM CT

Going From Field Sales To Inside Sales – Tools And Best Practices For Remote Sales

Presented by CrankWheel

Going From Field Sales To Inside Sales - Tools And Best Practices For Remote Sales


This series is perfect for sales teams that were entirely in the field and need to learn the intricacies of Inside Sales fast.

Field Sales teams are experts at hitting the phone and face-to-face meetings, but when it comes to sales engagement software, screen sharing tools, and best practices for demos and online presentations, it’s going to be a whole new game. 

We highly recommend these best practice style webinars to get your team remote selling in no time. 

  • 3/23 Monday: The different types of remote presentations and demos, and tools for each
  • 3/26 Thursday: Best practices when giving an online demo
  • 3/30 Monday: Best practices for an online presentation

All sessions have an open Q&A component.


#4 [Marketing Agency Webinar] – 3/26 Thursday @ 2:00 PM ET

Agency Panel: How to Manage Your Clients and Agency During COVID19

Presented by HeyOrca

Agency Panel: How to Manage Your Clients and Agency During COVID19


On the marketing side, this panel is going to be great for agencies. They’ll not only cover questions on how to lead your team but how to help your clients during this uncertain time. 

A few topics they plan to cover are:

  • How to manage your agency under uncertain circumstances
  • Managing client expectations
  • Transitioning to remote
  • Creating a communications plan for your agency and clients



#5 [RevOps Webinar] – 3/24 Tuesday @ 9:00 am – 12:00 PM PT

Rockstars from OpsStars Virtual Event

Hosted by LeanData


Rockstars from OpsStars Virtual Event


This six-session, action-packed event is not your typical webinar, but since it’s next week, we thought we’d give it a shout out!

With so many of the conferences we look forward to during this time, not just for the networking but that insightful content, the virtual Rockstars from OpsStars is a chance for Sales, Marketers, Customer Success, and Operations peeps to stay informed and at the forefront. 

Just a few things they’re covering:

  • Brand new content on the state of revenue operations from LeanData CEO Evan Liang
  • Design a Revenue Operations function to give your business a competitive advantage 
  • Create a scalable and measurable foundation for effective go-to-market operations
  • Leverage a proven, successful Revenue Operations framework
  • Optimize revenue by aligning cross-functional teams to customer journeys
  • Guide and manage the growth of your Sales, Marketing, and Customer Success teams


Rockstars from OpsStars Virtual Event agenda

#6 [Sales Development Webinar] – 3/26 Thursday @ 9:00 AM ET

How To Use The Tenbound Market Map And Directory To Set Up Your Sales Development Strategy

Presented by Tenbound

How To Use The Tenbound Market Map And Directory To Set Up Your Sales Development Strategy


This is an important session to attend during this pandemic as businesses are going to need more integrated RevOps, tools, and people as we wade unprecedented waters.

If your business is one that doesn’t have the right tools and services needed to support your Sales Development teams (SDR, BDR, ADR, and LDR), the colossal sum of options available is going to be overwhelming.

This particular webinar brought to you by David Dulany, Founder of Tenbound, is going to cover the release of Tenbound Market May Version 5 – giving you a high-level overview of what’s available and a guide to using these tools. Below is a peek at the landscape David will cover.


Tenbound Market May Version 5

(Check out Skaled in the Consulting/Training category in the second column from the right and two rows up from the bottom! We’re honored to be a part of this updated 2020 Sales Development landscape.)


We’d Love to be a Resource to Help You Thrive

Empathy and sensitivity are at the forefront of our thoughts as companies and families adjust to remote life, but we also have businesses to operate.

It’s important to remember everyone is pivoting strategies and getting creative and doing our best to help each other in conventional and unconventional ways – whether it’s communication best practices for remote Sales teams or fun ways to stay motivated and connected.

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