Customer Story: Speek-Jive

Jive, formerly Speek, partnered with Skaled to successfully acquire paid subscribers.

The Challenge

When Speek first connected with Skaled, they had a large amount of free users and recently launched their premium version. Speek’s co-founder John Bracken, and VP of business, Konrad Waliszewski came to Skaled with two questions they needed to solve in order to successfully make the transition to paid users.

We rearchitected every sales role at Survata based on the work we did with Skaled. We were given the processes, workflow and confidence to go after enterprise level contracts and close $100,000+ size deals. Skaled has their fingerprint all over our sales machine.

Chris Kelly, CEO & Co-Founder at Survata

Skaled’s consultants quickly understood our goals and seamlessly integrated themselves as a reliable partner. They helped us refine our Go-To-Market strategy for our Microsoft IoT Central business. As a result, we leveled-up our top tier partners globally.

Rahul Garg, Senior Program Manager


Skaled provided Speek with an outsourced sales representative to generate leads and test the value proposition in cold outreach which revealed valuable insights into Speek's customer acquisition process. As a result, Speek built out messaging and outreach cadences to move people into the sales funnel more effectively, generating over 20 new meetings per month and creating a replicable sales process.

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