Customer Story: Microsoft

Microsoft partnered with Skaled to refine the Go-to-Market strategy for its IoT Central business and remove barriers during the sales process to increase conversion rates.

The Challenge

One of Microsoft’s essential business units focuses on the Internet of Things. IoT allows organizations to digitize physical elements of their business. In many cases, companies are able to transform their entire business model to realize improved growth capabilities. However, the solution's complexity meant long Proof of Concepts (POCs) and low conversions.

Skaled’s consultants quickly understood our goals and seamlessly integrated themselves as a reliable partner. They helped us refine our Go-To-Market strategy for our Microsoft IoT Central business. As a result, we leveled-up our top tier partners globally.

Rahul Garg, Senior Program Manager

“Skaled provided a broad overview of sales tactics and gave us a strong foundation from which to build. By the time we wrapped up the engagement, we ready to create a sales engine and team.”

Patrick Bosworth, Co-Founder & CEO, Duetto

With the help of Skaled we created new messaging and used it in a more efficient and productive way, which impacted all of our revenue. There was a dramatic increase in our outbound activity from a couple thousand outreaches per month to 5,000 outreaches a month.

Kory Wagner, VP of Demand Generation and Operations at Centage


With Skaled, Microsoft was able to identify the 4 rules for success when selling an IoT-based solution, train 500 top IoT-focused partners globally, and create more effective Go-To-Market strategies.

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