Ebook: The GDPR Guide for B2B Executives and Sales Leaders

Download Your Copy Here: The GDPR Guide for B2B Executives and Sales Leaders

Yes, GDPR enforcement is just around the corner. However, 76% of businesses are not fully prepared because they mistakenly assumed the Regulation wouldn’t affect them.

We’ve been dissecting the GDPR to understand how it will impact B2B sales and marketing activities for U.S. based companies.

This ebook highlights how you can keep growing your core business and improve sales efficiency while staying compliant with the Regulation.

Download the ebook to find out:

  • How the GDPR affects your Sales & Marketing strategy
  • New outbound sales and marketing best practices
  • 4 ways to rebuild your marketing lists
  • How to update your sales and marketing tech stack with GDPR-friendly tools
  • What you should know about GDPR enforcement and the costs of non-compliance

The GDPR Guide for B2B Executives and Sales Leaders


If you have any questions or want more information on how Skaled can help you optimize your sales and marketing strategy, reach out to partner Jake Dunlap here: [email protected]

Disclaimer: Please keep in mind we are not a law firm; the information you’ll find in the eBook will not replace sound legal advice and you should consult your lawyer to ensure you are fully compliant.


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