The Recap with CEO Jake Dunlap #116 – Engineering Success

Engineering Success

We’re shaking things up this Friday! Jake wasn’t able to do the Recap live this week so our video team (Shelby) worked her magic and created an edited version of your favorite weekly show. This week Jake talks about how to turn your sales team into an engineering team, Facebook fighting misinformation, and even has a guest star! 


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Jake’s Take | Run Your Sales Team Like An Engineering Team

You heard us right.

Sales teams fail because of “bugs” in their process and a lack of structure for ongoing optimization. The way to fix that is to run your sales team like an engineering team.

There’s no ego, it’s all about getting it right and “engineering” success. Each step of the process equals an outcome, and you have to ask yourself if you’re truly optimizing that. 


In The News 

What’s gonna happen this election? We don’t know. What we do know is that you’ve probably seen a distant friend or family member share an article that is clearly “fake news” by now. Facebook is currently struggling to stop the spread of misinformation as the election draws near. 

Just a few months ago multiple corporations pulled advertising from Facebook, demanding the social media giant do more to stop the spread of hate and misinformation. Now they are rising to the challenge to get ahead of one of the biggest nights in U.S. history. 

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Events from the week and then we’re out! 

Monday, Jake got controversial with Max Altschuler on empathy and buyer personas in sales. Watch the replay here.

Wednesday, we had a Marketing and Sales love fest with Michael Carroll. This is really a must watch as we specifically talk about the middle of the funnel when it comes to engineering success between Sales and Marketing. How to Plug Your Marketing Team into Your Sales Process.

Jake will be back and LIVE for next week’s Recap #117. Make sure you tune in at 8:30 am central for more updates about Skaled, industry news, and hot takes by Jake! We’re out!

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