The Recap with CEO Jake Dunlap #111 – Red Friday

growing your skillset recap

Jake is pumped up this Friday! We’re talking about Jake’s viral LinkedIn post on growing your skillset, Facebook CMO Antonio Lucio, and the best rap concert Jake has ever been to. 

This Friday is Red Friday for Jake! If you don’t know what that means, you’ll have to watch the Recap for Jake’s explanation (though the jersey might be a giveaway). 


Watch The Recap:


Jake’s Take | Take Roles That Will Grow Your Skill Set

Last tweet Jake made a post on LinkedIn that really got people’s attention. 

His post basically said, “Take jobs that will grow your skillset. Money will come later.” We understand this isn’t always an option for everybody, but if you have the ability to sacrifice income for growth, we highly recommend you do. 

Money is enticing, but if you’re always chasing the bag you might not end up in a career you love. Jake encourages you to invest in yourself. Broadening his skill set is how he got to where he is today!. 


In The News 

Facebook has been in hot water for a while now. Their latest controversy involved multiple big-name corporations pulling their advertisements from Facebook because the social media platform was failing to moderate hateful speech and misinformation. Now, CMO Antonio Lucio has decided to step down after two years to contribute to Facebook’s diversity efforts. 

Lucio said his plan to help advertising and marketing companies with changes in diversity and inclusion would be his “next and final chapter.” 

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CMO Antonio Lucio


Time to Rest 

Though we’re sure you haven’t forgotten, here’s our reminder that Monday is Labor Day! Get excited for the three day weekend and make sure you celebrate responsibly! Next week Jake will be talking to Todd Abbott of InsightSquared about whether or not your tools are slowing down your sellers. That’s a webinar you won’t want to miss! 

We hope this Recap has encouraged you to grow your skills and not settle for the salary. Enjoy the holiday, rest up for another big week! Don’t forget to tune into the Recap every Friday morning at 9:30 Eastern, 8:30 Central! 


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