Ebook: Hiring Superior Sales People

Download your Ebook here: Hiring Superior Sales People

At Skaled, we believe that implementing a rock-solid sales plan and sales team takes first priority after a great product or service. Finding sales talent is difficult — it’s time-consuming, constantly evolving, and requires organizational agility to adapt.

To gain insight into what makes a superior salesperson, we reached out to a hundred sales executives. These leaders, from small startups and large enterprises alike, provided us with invaluable wisdom. We’ve distilled it all and identified these main takeaways.

In this eBook, Hiring Superior Salespeople, you’ll learn about:

  • Understanding the differences between salespeople from years past and today.
  • Identifying the various roles that make up the modern corporate sales machine.
  • Discovering the many personality traits that are essential for sales success.
  • Asking the right questions and properly exposing superior sales talent.
  • Planning the right way to train, onboard, and consistently challenge your salespeople.
  • Promoting the right people to manage your sales team and to lead by example.

Are you ready to hire your next sales rock star?

Download your Ebook here: Hiring Superior Sales People


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