“I Cannot Tell a Lie!” How to Make Sales Calls Fun

Let’s face it. Sales can be monotonous when you’re doing it every day.

Many of the conversations regarding sales can be dull as well: How to get people on the phone, how to keep them there, how to show value, blah, blah,blah…

Add in the stress of hitting weekly, monthly, and quarterly quotes, and you have a recipe for an exhausting job that loses its luster if you don’t mix things up.

As we head into the biggest closing week of the year, we could all use some ways to shed some stress and blow off  steam. So, instead of diving into another one of these yawwwwwn worthy conversations, let’s talk about my favorite part of sales… making it FUN!

Here at Skaled, we hate gimmicks on sales calls.

That being said, theme days are a big hit amongst our staff.

For example, we once had a Presidents Day theme where you had to say the names of at least three presidents before the day was done. Of course we all carried on with our work, but when we would hear a colleague say something like “trust me, it’s all included. Like Abe Lincoln, I cannot tell a lie!” we would have a solid giggle and be motivated to get on the phones to name drop the next president and get in on the fun.

This is of course to be taken with a grain of salt – you don’t want your entire call to become a running joke. The point of the call is to build value and develop new contracts.

But sales calls are also conversations and if your contact can tell that  you’re having fun and enjoying it, most of the time they will be more inclined to mirror that behavior.

Give it a try the next time your sales team is losing steam. Pick a random theme like “Sitcom Dads” or “Yogurt Flavors” (really, the more random, the better!) and see if you can work them into your sales calls in a way that makes them fun without confusing your clients. Think you can name a different reindeer in each of your calls today?

“Let’s walk through the process step by step — and don’t you worry, I’ll guide you like Rudolph on a foggy Christmas Eve!”

Everyone will feel a rejuvenated sense of motivation thanks to a little humor and competition.

How do YOU keep sales calls entertaining? Any suggestions?

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