The Recap with CEO Jake Dunlap #114 – If Everything is a Priority Nothing is

If Everything is a Priority Nothing is

Happy Friday! We kicked off this last Friday in September with some old Kanye. Our priority this week was to make sure you know yours, and to answer some questions from our #AskJakeAnything (or just #AJA). If you missed this week’s Recap, no stress! You can jam out with us on YouTube.


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Jake’s Take | If Everything is a Priority, Nothing is

This is a phrase you’ve probably heard before.

But it’s easy to forget when you have a million things on your plate and people around you keep wanting to add more. 

It is okay to say “no” to things. You have to learn what’s the priority. If you’re already overwhelmed with the amount of work that you have, you shouldn’t take on another project just to please a coworker or your boss. As Jake says “You can’t stop drinking if you keep picking up the bottle.”

Manage your time. Before you agree to help someone out with something or take on another task, it’s important to look at your schedule and see if it even allows for something more. 

If your calendar looks like this, you probably shouldn’t say yes.

calendar blocks


You should also probably reprioritize a few things….


In The News 

Another story about TikTok? Well, if you haven’t been paying attention, last weekend was a dramatic one for the video app. We have whiplash! 

Last week ByteDance agreed on a deal with Oracle to own TikTok operations in the U.S. However, on Friday, Trump said he would ban the app from being downloaded by Sunday the 20th. We barely missed this story by the time we talked about it on Recap #113 last Friday! 

However, Trump changed his mind by Saturday. He has given the TikTok/Oracle deal his blessing. Walmart will also hold some of TikTok’s operations in the U.S.

Jake is making an explainer video to break down everything that’s happened with the app since last year, and why it’s significant. Keeping checking out his YouTube to see when that’s ready. 

>>> Read More: Trump’s TikTok Deal: What Just Happened And Why Does It Matter?



Okay, okay, we’ll wrap this up. Thanks for joining us for another weekly Recap! Don’t forget to practice prioritizing and keep an eye out for new videos coming soon to Jake’s YouTube. Jake’s going to be out of the office next week, he’s working on some Q4 stuff, but don’t worry! You’ll see him for an Ask Jake Anything session of Jake and Friends on Monday, and Recap #115 next Friday! 

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