Is Your Startup Celebrating This Holiday Season? Spread the Joy with #StartupCheers!

We know you work hard, but does your startup play hard too?

We’re guessing yes, so let’s celebrate how great our startups are this holiday season, by sharing our holiday photos with #StartupCheers!

#StartupCheers is an opportunity to brag about your startup culture by sharing your party pictures with Skaled. Don’t worry, you can edit out that shot of your CEO twerking with the waitress (or not). Either way, share your memorable shots of holiday celebrations with the #StartupCheers on Facebook, Twitter, or Instagram (make sure to connect with us, first!) and we’ll share them around. Once the holiday season has wrapped up and we’ve all fully recovered from red wine hangovers and cookie bloat, one picture will be chosen as the favorite and that startup will be interviewed and profiled!

Get snapping, and sharing startups! We can’t wait to see your pictures!*

Don’t forget to connect with us on Facebook and Twitter!

*Contest extended to January 8th, 2014! 

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