The Recap with CEO Jake Dunlap #93 | The Difference Between a Leader, Manager, Mentor


Watch this week’s The Recap with CEO Jake Dunlap on leadership, management, and mentorship.


What’s the difference between a leader, a manager, and a mentor? Many people call themselves a “servant leader” but they actually fit in one of the other buckets. Servant leadership is a personality of a leader in many ways, and there are different levels of leadership and ways in which to lead.

Jake’s take: Leaders set the vision, managers help you execute, and mentors are there to guide you. You need to have all three skills in order to become a successful servant leader.

servant leadership


This week’s recap is a perfect example of using these three different aspects of leadership. 

For leadership, Jake synced up with Michael Baron on Monday to talk leadership traits at Jake + Friends.



Mentorship is achieved by taking the time to meet with and listen to your team. At Skaled, we do our best to hold solid monthly 1x1s. 

Invest in your team. Help them think about the long term and not just how to keep heads down and get through the week.



Management can be managing your own team and bringing together management across teams as well. 

Every Wednesday we host The Wednesday Wine Down to talk about the bridge between Sales and Marketing. This week we had Meagen Eisenberg from TripActions and Yoni Solomon from G2 and talked about how to position your value as both a salesperson and a marketer. 

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Get it Dun Challenge

Another great quality of a leader is also always being a student and always growing. This week’s “Get it Dun Challenge” tasked by our CEO is just that.

Start. Stop. Continue.

Every week ask yourself, “What is one thing I need to start doing? What is one thing I need to stop doing? What’s one thing I need to continue doing that I’m proud of?”

You don’t have to do all three each week. At least pick one and go.

That’s your challenge this week. 


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