The Modern Outbound Playbook

The Digital Selling Experience Edition

What's new in this Modern Outbound Playbook?

The Plays


Cold Outbound Featuring Direct Sending


Using LinkedIn Interactions to Your Advantage


The Long Game - LinkedIn Content Play


The Clubhouse Play


Leveraging Your AE/Sales Leader

Digital selling, virtual selling, meeting and closing deals through a million Zoom calls... it’s turned many sellers' worlds upside down. But it’s turned their buyers' worlds upside down too.

Getting buyers actually excited pre, during, and post a virtual meeting is challenging as buyers experience more meetings, more emails, and more emails during meetings.

Our future as sellers and partners is now more than a sale… it's to get people engaged, excited, off of email, and tell a better ROI story than ever before.

The five new plays in this playbook will help you get more responses and set more meetings. 

The sections on the digital selling experience, best practices, and especially the creative touchpoints will address critical challenges sellers are facing when it comes to a completely digital or virtual sales process and how to overcome them.

Book More Meetings & Get Buyers Excited to Meet You

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What's inside.

The Digital Selling Experience Today

Best Practices & Creative Touches to Add to Your Outbound

Five New Plays to Set More Meetings in a Digital World

Three to four days before the meeting, send your prospective buyer a personalized video letting them know you talked to [relevant person or teammate], and based on what you covered you’re excited for the conversation and ready to go. This lets them know you’ve done your research, and they won’t have to repeat themselves. You can easily get to the next step in the conversation.

One of many pro tips:

Keep buyers warm before your first meeting by sending a personal video letting them know what you’ll be talking about.

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