Faster Hiring Means More Sales

In this ebook Skaled Consulting and Betts Recruiting collaborate to provide strategies and best practices to minimize the time your company spends with open headcounts and inefficient onboarding.

How to Reduce Time-to-Hire and Speed Up Ramp Time

Calculate your own cost of 

time-to-hire and ramp.

Calculate the cost of unfilled sales headcounts within your organization and the impact on revenue when ramp time is slower than it should be.

Test out our calculator and then download the ebook to learn how to reduce slow time-to-hire and speed up ramp time.

*an unfulfilled AE position with a $1m annual quota will lose your company...

a month


a day


The sales team is the backbone of your operation. But hiring SaaS sales professionals can be a delicate process.

In three important steps, our ebook will walk you through candidate profiling, interviews, and onboarding.

sale hiring ebook

Step 1

Step 2

Step 3

Establishing The Ideal Candidate Profile

Instituting An Efficient Interview Process

Onboarding: Keys

To Success

What the experts say...

Our ebook spends extra time covering the characteristics of finding great SDRs, AEs, and Sales Managers to reduce future open headcounts. Hear advise from experts on what to look for.

Daniel Barber

CEO, DataRail

"Account Executives need to be able to take constructive feedback, learn from that, and take it to whatever the task is."

Ralph Barsi

Senior Director Sales Development, Achiever

"Sales development leaders: Focus on strategy, people, process, and technology: in that order."

Jake Gasaway

Co-founder, Stitch Labs

"We were looking for [a sales leader] who could learn quickly and could take charge of a team. It was very important that they had built, or been a part of, a team that had grown from a small group of salespeople into a team of many.

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