Messaging and setting meetings: how persistence plus message equals success

Today at Saleshacker we will be tackling the topic of how to convert more emails/calls to meetings with decision makers.

We all want more meetings with the right people, and with all the different methodologies, social selling techniques, and talk of cold calling being dead it’s tough to know what works and what doesn’t.

We focus on data to make decisions and the below you can read some of our findings. Come to the session today to learn more about how to get these types of results.

Emailing and calling together garners the best results.

For an average client we set between 50-70% of our meetings via email and the rest of the appointments via phone calls, which use the email as the talk track. For some clients that sell to mid-markets, we use email exclusively and are able to set between 30-40 qualified meetings a month per SDR in non-crowded markets. The reason for our success is speed. We can source large qualified lists quickly, test messaging, and then hone in on the ICP relatively quickly.

Use the right tech to scale social selling.

It’s great to really engage prospects by finding out something the person wrote or said and then using that in the email/tweet/LinkedIn message to reach out to them, and of course a more personalized message is effective. But these efforts are extremely time consuming and difficult to scale. The good news is firms like Socedo are making this process easier than ever. I am a fan of social selling and of making things as custom as possible, but if there is a way to customize at scale, I prefer that.

Cold calling still works.

It may be less effective but a good voicemail or persistence allows the person to know you are not going away. Similar to point one, it helps to drive home the value and also helps create some amount of personalization when the client hears your voice. We have found sending an email first and then following up with calls is the most effective approach.

To learn all the key tactics and messaging to use in particular, shoot me an email and make sure to come by our workshop at Saleshacker today! See you there.

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