Outbound and Marketing in Difficult Times: What We Can Do Now to Thrive

coronavirus business impact outbound and marketing

March 25-27, 2020

Wednesday – Friday @ 2:00 PM CT

Presented by Jake Dunlap, CEO of Skaled & Guests


As the coronavirus pandemic continues to unfold, leaders across the nation are coming to terms with the impact that social distancing will have on businesses over the coming months. With the cancellation of all major in-person events, B2B companies have lost a major touchpoint to connect with prospects and must now find creative ways to engage with buyers.

In an effort to serve as a resource to B2B leaders, Skaled CEO Jake Dunlap, is hosting a three-part webinars series to address the topics on every leader’s mind: Outbound and Marketing next steps. During the webinar, we’ll share the most critical actions sales and marketing leaders need to take to support their organization and thrive during this difficult time. 

  • 3/25 Wednesday: Outreach Messaging During Uncertain Times
  • 3/26 Thursday: Maintaining and Cultivating the Relationship after the Connection
  • 3/27 Friday: Outbound Strategy Adjustments


Series Host: Jake Dunlap


Jake Dunlap


3/25 Wednesday @ 2:00 PM CT

Outreach Messaging During Uncertain Times 

As sales push forward during quarantine, suddenly we can sound insensitive if we don’t adjust our messaging. We’ll talk about sensitive messaging during sensitive times and how to make yourself available without sounding overly pitchy. 

Special Guest: Brooke Bains, Consultant at Skaled


Brooke Bains


3/26 Thursday @ 2:00 PM CT

Maintaining and Cultivating the Relationship after the Connection

Organic relationships take time whether they’re in person or online. How do you develop the relationship when it’s purely digital? 

Special Guest: Aly Ray Thompson, Director of Brand at Skaled  


Aly Ray Thompson


3/27 Friday @ 2:00 PM CT

Outbound Strategy Adjustments

We’ll discuss switching up your outbound strategy to make the most of your sales team in a 100% remote environment. 

Special Guest: Matt Lopez, Partner at Skaled


Matt Lopez




What We Can Do to Help Each Other Thrive

It’s important to remember everyone is pivoting strategies and getting creative and doing our best to help each other in conventional and unconventional ways.

As a B2B sales consultancy dedicated to helping organizations and the people that work there reach their full potential, Skaled is offering anyone a free hour of consulting with our CEO, Jake Dunlap, or any of our Senior Consultants to help you navigate through working remote/leading a remote team or optimizing your Demand Gen Strategy with LinkedIn.

Contact Jake directly at [email protected] or send him a direct message via LinkedIn in/jakedunlap/.

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