The Recap with CEO Jake Dunlap #107 – Plan A

plan a

If you’re looking for a sign- this is it. It’s time to fully commit to Plan A. Abandon your back up plan and strap in for this week’s Recap with CEO Jake Dunlap. 

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Jake’s Take | [email protected]%* Plan B 

Your Plan B is holding you back! 

If you can’t fully commit to Plan A, you’re not going to reach your full potential. The reason you haven’t abandoned your back up plan is probably due to a fear of failure. We get it, that’s normal. But wouldn’t you rather have failed knowing you gave it your all? The only way to achieve great things is with 100% dedication. 


In The News 

Pier 1 Imports is getting a second chance from E-Commerce Entrepreneurs. Retail E-Commerce Ventures (or REV), is an investment firm with the goal of turning dead brick and mortar companies into e-commerce brands. 

On July 31st, the firm bought Pier 1 Imports intellectual property and assets for $31 million. 

This is the future! Especially in the COVID-19 pandemic when fewer people are shopping in person. E-commerce seems like the direction we are all headed. 

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Plan to See Us Next Week 

Rain or shine, we’ll be delivering the Recap to you every Friday. But that’s not all we do throughout the week! On Monday, Jake is going Live on LinkedIn with Ana Lokotkova for Jake & Friends. They’re going to be talking about LinkedIn audience and brand building, so make sure to join. Just head over to Jake’s page (link below) at 11:30 AM CT.

Tuesday, we are hosting a webinar answering all your questions about the future of sales development. If you have anything to ask us, send it over! In the meantime, enjoy your weekend and give yourself some time to relax. 

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