First Sales Job? Read This. (Infographic)

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When you first started thinking about a career in sales, your second thought was probably how overwhelming it can be. Especially after you started researching and finding a ton of sales acronyms you didn’t know and tools you never heard of. 

It seems difficult to understand not only all the terms and tools you need, and simply to meet people and turn them into clients fills most people with anxiety. But not you. You probably thought about how thrilling it can be – once you get past the countless sales acronyms, terms, and tools.

So, how do you forge ahead and make it a successful venture? 

First, understand that you don’t need to start from scratch. There are loads of sales tools that can help you do everything from tracking clients to actually configuring prices and quotes. 

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You can also use these tools to forecast out where you are in the sales process and cycle, and how you can assess how you’re doing so that you know what you need to adjust. 

Software can also help you understand why you might not be meeting your quotas by giving you data to assess. But where should you start?

This graphic covers three critical areas to focus on when getting started in sales.

  • A quick guide to 4 sales metrics

  • Defining the funnel and understand your MQLs and SQLs

  • The 7 steps in configure-price-quote (CPQ)


How to Get Started In Sales: Acronyms, Tech, and Tools

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How to Get Started in Sales: Acronyms, Tech, and Tools

Via Salesforce

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