Benefits Beyond the Numbers: Why your startup should start blogging, today!

Blogging and content creation are huge right now. It seems that every business from global brands to Mom and Pop shops are dedicating time to developing original content — establishing authority in their field and increasing traffic and time spent on their websites.

Blogging can be a daunting commitment when you’re working for a bootstrapped startup — especially when hardly anyone is reading it at first. But content is King, right? You can’t afford to ignore the King…

If you look at blogging and content creation the same way you look at sales generation, then you’re likely to blow it off in favor of more tangible, result-driven tasks — regardless of supposed royal status. But there are benefits to blogging that, although more conceptual, reap rewards greater than numbers can explain.

(Numbers can explain the benefits of blogging and content creation eventually, but don’t get caught up with them in the beginning.)

Let’s explore some motivating advantages to launching your startup’s blog today, and why the numbers aren’t all that matter.

Blogging Develops Brand Voice

Branding, similarly to blogging, is another concept that gets pushed aside as secondary to generating leads and sales.

But if your startup doesn’t start off with a well-established brand voice, then it will become more and more difficult to reign in the tangents that voice is bound to take. Everyone on your team should have a clear and concise vision of not only your startup’s elevator pitch, but of your startup’s personality as well.

Blogging is an opportunity to mold the myriad of voices in your team into one cohesive brand image. Allow every team member to share their idea of what your startup’s brand should look and sound like, and find a way to combine those ideas into a voice that lends itself to the problem your startup seeks to solve.

Then create a blog that reflects that voice and keep it consistent throughout your content creation channels.

Blogging is a collaborative endeavor.

Involving everyone in the company blog not only breaks the job into more tangible tasks, it also gives the team something to work on together.

Sure, your startup works together every day, likely in a very confined space. But everyone on your team has different aspects of the company to focus on. Blogging creates a platform where each person’s voice is equal and presented within the same playing field.

It also allows team member to contribute ideas that they may not have had the opportunity to express otherwise.

Writing is a skill that everyone should work on.

It most cases, not everyone on your team is going to WANT to write for the blog. Also, not everyone on your team is going to be a strong writer.

But writing is a skill that eventually sneaks it’s way into every single job position and blogging encourages everyone at your startup to work on honing their writing skills.

If your startup does not have an editorial position or someone to own the responsibility of the blog, then organize a process of peer evaluation where every blog post is passed on to another team member for review before publishing. Editing can be as helpful a practice as writing, so pass along the responsibility of getting two pairs of eyes on every blog post before submitting it to the scrutiny of a public audience.

Once everyone finds their groove with writing blog posts, they might even find they enjoy the opportunity to write, which brings us to our final point…

Blogging encourages creativity and allows for a break from other tasks.

The daily grind of work work work can drain the creative juices from the most ambitious of startup teams.

The task of blogging can be a refreshing change of pace. If your team has been working tirelessly on a specific project or problem, the opportunity to clear their heads and refocus on a different task might offer fresh perspective and rejuvenated energy towards the responsibilities they’ll return to after writing.

Look at blogging like you might look at free writing — a chance to let the creative juices flow as they will. You never know what kind of knowledge will be released when focus is shifted from a frustrating problem or monotonous task to the freeform expression that blogging encourages.

Does your startup have a blog? Please share it in the comments below!



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