Introducing the Next Big Thing for Entrepreneurs: Startup Sales School

Brooklyn Bridge, Startup Sales School

Is sales the missing piece in your startup’s strategy?

Since launching over a year ago, every startup that Skaled has worked with on developing and implementing sales strategies, is still going strong today. Our experience has ranged from implementing replicable sales processes for founders, to the hiring and training of VP’s. Again and again, we see startups ramp their success through a focus on perfecting a sales strategy around their product. Sales is clearly a critical component to startup growth, and one that we believe so many startups are missing.

In response, we are launching The Startup Sales School — a hands-on, ground-level training program on sales for the entrepreneurial community.

This five-week, intensive sales training course will provide the groundwork for startup founders, new sales hires, and professionals looking to break into the world of startups.

If you’ve ever hired for a sales role, you know how difficult it is to identify that talent, and the risks involved with investing in them. The Startup Sales School is an opportunity for startups to sponsor a new sales hire — outfitting them with the skills and the strategies they need to be successful salespeople at an early stage company. After hands on training and experience in real startup sales, they’ll hit the ground running for you.

If you’re a professional looking to work for a startup — sales could be the door to this exciting world of entrepreneurs. But you’ve got to have the skills first. We can give you those — plus invaluable work experience that will land you your first startup position.

Sales is truly a neglected skill in the startup world. Taking the time to master the strategies we’ve perfected could be just what your startup needs — or what you need, to kickstart your startup career and reach that next level of success.

To learn more about these opportunities, join us on Friday, April 4th at our WeWork Charging Bull location in NYC, for an informal information session. Come network, enjoy some beverages, and learn all about this exciting opportunity for the startup community.

Register for the event here. We look forward to seeing you there!


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