The Power of a Simplified Message

We all work with very complicated products, services, and challenges. Its so easy to get bogged down in the jargon and messaging of your industry, especially if you’re working hard at establishing yourself as a market-leader in that space.

But how valuable is that language if your prospects don’t understand it? How important is it to know each and every vocabulary word if those words don’t resonate with the people that you are trying to reach?

“We spend so much time talking about & investing in white papers, product sheets on how to talk about the product as opposed to how to message things in a format that other people can understand.”

Your prospect understanding and trusting your message is everything. That doesn’t mean “dumb it down” it just means you should make things easy for your potential clients to consume. Nobody is going to trust you if they don’t understand what you’re even saying.

This conclusion is backed by data. According to the Flesch reading-ease test, Conversation English for consumers needs to be written at a 6th grade level. 6th grade!

With that in mind, we decided to have fun with that concept…and test whether or not sales pitches from industry-leading sales teams resonates with 5th, 6th, and 7th grade level kids.

Stay tuned….And let us know if you think your team needs help with sales messaging, here.

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