The Recap with CEO Jake Dunlap #100 – A Big Deal

The Recap Jake Dunlap

Well folks, we made it! We celebrated our 100th Recap and Jake’s 40th birthday on Friday. This journey through the weekly recaps has been so much fun, and we’re thrilled we got to share it with you and all of our special guests. 

For 100 minutes, Jake and Director of Brand, Aly Ray Thompson, revisited highlights from the past 99 Recaps and reflected on Jake’s time at Skaled. We saw Skaled’s move to Austin, the announcement of becoming Salesloft’s first certified partner, and many hilarious bloopers.

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Skaled didn’t celebrate alone this recap! Jake’s family each sent him a ‘happy birthday’ video. His friends Justin Welsh, Richard Harris, John Barrows, and Morgan Ingram all joined in as well! But the fun didn’t stop there.

Lance Bass and Sir Mix-a-Lot (yes, the real ones) sent Jake some birthday wishes and congratulations as well! Sir MIx-a-Lot called Jake “the baddest CEO known to man,” and even suggested joining the Skaled team. That’s an offer we can’t refuse! 

cameo sir mix a lot and lance bass

Watch Now, Watch Later

If you missed Recap 100 that’s okay! We went live on Jake’s LinkedIn, so you can still watch it today! You can also find it on our YouTube Channel or right below of course. Our team put together the silliest pictures of Jake and the best parts of past recaps, like Jake nearly getting hit by a Tesla, his son Landon’s multiple features, and Jake’s Glengarry Glen Ross impression. For a moment he looks just like Alec Baldwin! 

Pro tip: Start the video at about 10:35 to skip the waiting room. Like so:


We Couldn’t Have Done It Without YOU

We couldn’t have created 100 recaps without you all! Thank you for all the comments, questions, and support. In Recap 2 Jake said “Hopefully this is 2 of 400,” and we’re already a quarter of the way there! We can’t wait to share more information, advice, and laughs with you all. 

As Jake would say… We’re out!


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