The Recap with CEO Jake Dunlap #102 – The Pandemic Mindset on LinkedIn

Pandemic Mindset on LinkedIn

As cases of COVID spike in the US, it looks like we’ll be working from home for a bit longer than expected. Skaled had planned to be back in the office last month, but now we’ve abandoned any plans to go back any time soon. 

This means there needs to be a shift in mindset. You can’t keep waiting for this pandemic to be over to execute something. We may be like this (remote) for the rest of the year.

Watch this week’s The Recap with CEO Jake Dunlap:


Jake’s Take | Stop Waiting

Not everyone is struggling right now. Yep. We said it.

It’s time to retire the “wait and see” mindset COVID has given businesses. Start looking at what is actually happening in the business world. Organize people into who is ready to do business, who might be ready, and who still needs more time. 

Still be empathetic and respect companies and people who still aren’t ready to go back to market or ramp up to business as usual. But you can’t wait around forever! 

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Shockwave | The LinkedIn Echo Chamber

LinkedIn needs more trolls. Yes, internet trolls. The people who insert themselves into conversations to play devil’s advocate for their own entertainment. Because LinkedIn has become an echo chamber of ideas.

There are around 9 billion views in the LinkedIn feed every week, and less than 3% of people are contributing to that. Users aren’t challenging each other, they’re just repeating one another. We’re seeing the same thoughts over and over again. 

Watch what you’re posting and what you’re consuming on LinkedIn. See the pattern

Of course, we’re not saying to be the typical internet troll you think about that’s rude and adds nothing to the conversation.

But you should incite debate and share differing opinions.

More and more professionals are producing content on LinkedIn – as they should be – but we also have to make sure we’re not just copying what the other guys and gals are saying.

copy paste linkedin



Finishing Thoughts from Jake – Stay Safe Out There! 

This pandemic is persistent but so are we! While we thought we’d be out of the woods by now, we’ve adjusted our plans and are continuing to look forward to the day we can see friends, eat at a restaurant, and celebrate holidays outside once again. For now, we hope you are all staying safe and inside. 


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