The Recap with CEO Jake Dunlap #95 | What’s Next in Sales

We can’t fully predict what lies ahead in the current state of sales and business, but it’s increasingly important to pay attention and to try anyway. 

Sales leaders should be preparing for going “back to market.” Jake introduces this concept and discusses the two things people should consider when developing their back to market strategy in this week’s episode of The Recap with CEO Jake Dunlap


Watch this week’s Recap with CEO Jake Dunlap:

This week we have a new segment called the Shock Wave. Jake distributes his hacky advice to guarantee a ripple effect in your sales or marketing organization. He focuses on content and empowering your Sales Development Team to post more. 

You’ll have to watch this week’s episode to get his second piece of advice!

what's next in sales

In the News

This week’s section of In the News is about coming back to work after this pandemic settles down. 

  • 30+ states are going back to work
  • NFL released its schedule
  • But Twitter announced people can work from home indefinitely!

We used to believe working remotely would be too difficult for sales teams, and now it may be our future. 

Jake also shares a Forbes article predicting five years of manufacturing innovations being released in just the next 18 months. We recommend you give it a read! 

what's next in sales strategy


People connect with authenticity. 

This week Jake answers the question “should I share real-life scenarios?” Your story will present an opportunity for individuals to engage with you on another level. Jake gives some tips in the video on the best way to be personal on your profile. It’s more than just being a salesperson! 


Have You Thought About What’s Next in Sales?

Our world is developing in a way that was unexpected. Though there’s no way to predict what’s to come, having a plan for what’s next will benefit you and your team when the future arrives. 

Skaled is here to help in any way we can. Whether it’s having a conversation to talk through what back-to-market would look like for you (shoot Jake an email anytime at [email protected]!). 

Or if you know you’re ready to start scaling or rebuilding, but you’re just not sure how to begin. That will take a longer conversation and you can contact us here.

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