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Just like in sports, it’s important to make sure your sales strategy is always evolving. Circumstances are always changing, and what might have worked for you at one point is no longer applicable. Sales must evolve with the current circumstances.

Jake is always emphasizing how important it is to be prepared for what’s ahead, and part of doing that is looking at what’s working now and what isn’t.

On Thursday, we did a virtual event with Powderkeg to discuss why B2B on LinkedIn is so important. This included the importance of adding to your audience, posting content, and engaging with others on the platform. 


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Jake’s Take | Sports!

The question that seems to be on everyone’s mind is “when are sports coming back?” We did two webinars this week asking that exact question. 


One of the great things about sports is the product. Even if the product on the field isn’t that amazing, there’s elements of nostalgia and community that contribute to the greatness of it all.

The sales process is about fandom. Jake saw sports as an opportunity to talk about business impact. As a sales organization, it’s crucial to remember to go back to basics and look at business impact to continue to grow and evolve in sales. 



This week’s shockwave segment covers sales technology, and how easy it is to look at sales technology as something your boss makes you do. But that’s not how you should see it. Investing in sales technology is investing in yourself. 

Now think about it – are you doing things in your job because your boss is telling you to? Or are you investing in yourself?

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Are you evolving?

Though it may be hard to accept, the world we’re in right now is our new normalish. It’s time to sit down, look at what has changed, and evolve. In order to survive, it’s vital to adapt. Think about your current circumstances and consider what is to come. 

Contact Skaled if you want to have a discussion about how other sales organizations are evolving and how you can as well. 


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