The Recap with CEO Jake Dunlap #109 – What’s Trending

trending august 2020

Trends are always evolving, and so should your sales organization. This week Jake shares his take on the new new normal, as well as an article on Instagram’s new feature, Reels. Here’s what’s trending in August 2020. 


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Jake’s Take | Run Your Sales Org Like a Performance Org

We’ve spoken about “the new normal” before, but get ready for the new new normal.

Start running your sales organization like a performance organization. 

It’s time to think about how we optimize our sales organization. A lot of us got stuck when COVID hit because we weren’t used to adapting and pivoting in real-time. We have to apply the marketing agency mindset to sales. 

So here’s the plan – set an optimization schedule for your sales process and your outbound process. For outbound, you should be assessing and optimizing every two to four weeks. On your sales cycle, every 60 days. 

Take a performance mindset.

See what happens. 


In The News 

Instagram’s Reels is falling flat.

With the fate of TikTok up in the air, Instagram rushed to get the video app spinoff released. 

Influencers have described Reels as “the kindergarten version of TikTok.” Though it provides all of the visual aspects TikTok has, it’s lacking in user-friendly features. 

Do you think Reels will ever be trending the way TikTok has been through the last few years? 

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Fading Out:  

That’s the end of this trendy post. If you implement any of Jake’s advice into your org, contact us! If you create a post and add #AskJakeAnything, we’ll be sure to find it. Maybe it’ll even get included in a future Recap! For now, you can find more updates on Skaled, Jake, and the fate of TikTok every Friday at 8:30am central time on LinkedIn Live

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