The Recap with CEO Jake Dunlap #106 – The Value of Listening

the value of listening

This week we got groovy for the Recap. Jake played some Master P to wake everyone up during the 8:30am LinkedIn Live.

It had to be done, because we’ve had a lot of exciting news for Recap 106, including a hot take from Jake that everyone working from home needed to hear. 


Watch The Recap:

Jake’s Take | The Value of Listening

Pause for a second. Are you really listening? When you ask questions, are you trying to understand? Or do you just want to be understood?

It’s completely normal to want to feel understood; that’s only human. But it’s also important to remember that you can’t spend your life waiting to talk. Take time to absorb the information people are giving you when they speak to you. Invest in conversations, take an interest in what other people have to say. Not only will you learn more by doing this, but people will appreciate that you’re genuinely listening. 

Everyone wants to be heard, but not everyone is willing to listen.


In The News | TikTok 

TikTok announced they’re launching a $200 Million Fund to finance up-and-coming stars on their app. 

Although they haven’t been clear about who will be getting the money, it’s speculated that minority creators will be at the receiving end, such as Boman Martinez-Reid, an LGBT comedian, and Tabitha Brown, a Black vegan woman who shares her recipes and family life on the app.

This announcement comes amidst President Trump’s threats of banning the app from the U.S.

>>> Read the Article.


Have you Heard Enough?

Okay, we won’t keep you here all day. Hopefully, you’ve watched the full recap before making it this far down (or plan to next), and it’s made you consider the value of listening! 

Spend your weekend striking up conversations (socially distanced conversations, that is) and see what you can learn. 

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