5 Strategies for Posting on LinkedIn

Welcome to this week’s Skaled Digital Presence tip sheet with easy LinkedIn strategies to start implementing. In this guide you will find LinkedIn strategies, content ideas and some insight on understanding LinkedIn’s algorithm.

LinkedIn Tip of the Day: Share Something You’ve Learned In Your Position

This tip helps you humanize yourself on LinkedIn. People love someone they can relate to, and sharing the struggles you’ve faced while in your position will make you more relatable. It also allows people to connect with you, because they feel like they have something in common with you. You’re not just a profile picture on their screen, you’re their peer.


LinkedIn Strategy of the Day: Create Specific Content for Each Touchpoint

Everyone is unique, and our touchpoints should be, too. Why have general content for every touchpoint when we could have customized content that makes each touchpoint more authentic? The digital world is our oyster, let’s use it to target clients. 

The BIGGEST SHOUTOUT of the Day: Ben Smith on Working Remotely

As the Coronavirus spreads, more and more people will start working from home. Ben offers great advice to leaders who may not be accustomed to working remotely. This post is going to continue to be relevant for the foreseeable future. Ben is doing what we all need to be doing — staying on top of the times.

LinkedIn Data Point of the Day: Learn the Algorithm

LinkedIn has over 600 million users but not nearly enough content creators. Organic reach on the platform has never been more important. You’ve heard it here before — don’t post links in your copy. PLACE IT IN THE COMMENTS. Don’t make us say it again. The more your posts follow the algorithms rules, the more the algorithm will champion your posts. 

LinkedIn Content Idea of the Day: Make a Listicle

It’s important to keep your page interesting. Don’t forget the 90/10 rule! 90% of your content should be value, the remaining 10% can be promotional. Having fun posts like Courtney’s can distract from the same old promotional content people scroll past every day.

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