5 Tips to Step Up Your LinkedIn Game

LinkedIn Digital Presence

Welcome to this week’s editor of the Skaled Digital Presence tip sheet. Building your presence on social, especially LinkedIn, is one of the most important things a brand and/or individual should develop. Start applying these tips for LinkedIn!

LinkedIn Tip of the Day: Comes from Skaled’s Videographer Caleb Dobbs

The art of video. Yes, creating video for LinkedIn can be artful in its own way. It’s effective, too. While video on LinkedIn isn’t as effective as text-based content, it’s a nice change of pace for your content strategy. Caleb lays out some great tips that will help you get started. 


LinkedIn Strategy of the Day: Comment on Other People’s Posts

A comment is just as valuable a piece of content as a regular post. You’re still sharing your expertise, you’re starting a conversation not only with the original poster, but also his or her entire audience, which you can add to your audience as well. It’ll likely inspire you with other ideas to create your own content. And it still shows up on your profile and on your followers’ feed. So don’t be afraid to interact with others.

CHECK OUT OUR ARTICLE IN SALES HACKER: Use This LinkedIn Strategy to Build a Strong Digital Presence (7 Tips) – While you likely have seen these tips before, save this in your bookmarks for future reference, or for when a friend asks how you successfully built out your own Digital Presence. 

The BIGGEST SHOUTOUT of the Day: Tiffany Jin of Altru Labs

Tiffany, a huge producer of video content, edited together a bunch of her outtakes for our viewing pleasure. What a great idea. It was so good, it made us slightly jealous that we didn’t think to do it first. 

Way to be innovative, Tiffany. Keep it up

LinkedIn Data Point of the Day: 3.8 Billion People on Earth are Active Social Media Users

That is 49% of the planet’s population. There is no excuse to avoid creating and sharing content, especially if you’re trying to connect with clients and prospects. Your audience is out there, so start reaching out.

LinkedIn Content Idea of the Day: Share Your Gratitude

If you’re starting out, a great way to wake up your audience is by sharing your gratitude for your success, and the people and companies who helped you along the way. You’ll boost engagement and show your followers that your content is worth reading. It’s a great first step as you develop your profile and content.

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