The Recap with CEO Jake Dunlap #108 – Ideas, People!

good ideas

The theme of the Recap this week is good ideas. 

A great idea we recently had was the addition of Recap Radio (updated weekly). As we’ve moved to shooting these Recaps live, adding music to kick off an early Friday just seemed like the way to go. Give it a play as you read.


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Jake’s Take | Random Thoughts vs Good Ideas

Not every idea is a good idea.

Jake said it first. Lots of love for “ideas” people, but you should be throwing out 80-90% of your ideas. 

If you aren’t, you’re probably putting out a lot of mediocre work. This is especially important for leaders to pay attention to, as they have many people looking up to them and taking their word as gold. Trust your gut from time to time, but understand the difference between a random thought and a good idea.


In The News 

On Tuesday, August 11th, Big Ten canceled their 2020 college football season. This decision has made them the first Power Five conference to decide not to play this fall amid the COVID-19 pandemic.

Big ten

In a statement, Big Ten commissioner Kevin Warren said student athlete’s mental and physical health is their priority. They have hopes to play in spring 2021. 

Big 12, however, will still be playing this season, which means we’ll be watching the Longhorns this fall in our hometown of Austin, Texas! 

What are your thoughts on Big Ten canceling their football season? Leave a comment on the recap YouTube video, we’d love to know!

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The Big Idea:  

We are full of (good) ideas and so is Jake! If you want to learn more about them, Follow Jake on LinkedIn. He puts out a new recap every week, as well as talks to interesting guests live every Monday on Jake & Friends. This Monday he’ll be talking about Dwell Time with Dennis Yu, so if you want more insights on the LinkedIn algorithm don’t forget to tune in!

LinkedIn in sales is a BIG idea and we put out a lot of content to help sellers and leaders get started. Check out some of our latest posts:


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