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Sales Engagement Masters

From Mastering Modern Outbound to Leading a Modern Sales Team

The Sales Engagement Masters brought together over 1000 sales and marketing professionals to learn how to engage buyers one-to-one and cultivate digital relationships.

The group of speakers for our first Masters ever had a ton of valuable insights and tactical plays to share. Find the recordings on-demand now and download the slides and handouts from the live event! 


Keynote, Sales Engagement Masters: Our Time to Adapt

Jake Dunlap, CEO, Skaled 


Before diving into the rest of the recordings, make sure to play back the Keynote on the future of sales engagement and adapting to your customer’s new world. Pay particular attention to the difference between making incremental changes vs monumental leaps to pivot messaging hard and meet buyers where they’re at.

Access the slides here


Future Proof Your Business: Why Sales & Marketing Leadership Should Care About Sales Engagement

Daniella Bellaire, Head of Sales, North America, Retail at Shopify


In this session, Daniella covered the four pillars of sales engagement: Sales & Marketing Alignment, Vertical Strategy & Target Persona, Investing in Tech Stack, and Sales Engagement/Positioning. 

Access the slides here


Four Steps to Amazing Sales and Marketing Alignment

Kevin Dorsey, VP of Inside Sales, PatientPop


Kevin gets super tactical in this session, digging deep into the four steps to amazing Sales and Marketing alignment: Strategy, KPIs, Tactics, and Tools. This one is especially important for Sales and Marketing leadership.

Access the slides here.

Download the handout: WWTCS Exercise


Syncing Marketing & Sales Tech to Drive Double-Digit Efficiency Gains

Molly Mitchell, Sales Operations Manager, Skaled

Our very own Molly Mitchell walks through three live workflows for syncing Marketing Automation, to CRM, and SEP. Don’t forget to download the 2020 Sales & Marketing Technology Overview!

Access the slides here

Download the handout: 2020 Sales & Marketing Technology Overview


Tactical Tips for Maximizing Your Sales Engagement Platform as a Remote SDR Manager

Ken Amar,  SDR Team Lead, Outreach

Ken kicked off the second half of the event with a super tactical workshop for SDR managers. He covered the 3 key areas of focus for maximizing your Sales Engagement Platform with a focus on coaching!

Access the slides here.

Download the handout: Sample Daily Tracker


Modern Sequence Building – 3 Practical Examples That Any Organization Can Implement to Double Results

Jeremy Leveille, Global Account Executive, LeadIQ

Jeremy went above and beyond 3 practical examples in this session. He walked through more like 20 plays AEs and teams can start running  to become “customer obsessed” and double results.

Access the slides here.


Building A Reputation in Certain & Uncertain Times: The New Key to Successful Customer Engagement

Scott Leese, CEO & Co-founder, Surf and Sales & Scott Leese Consulting

Justin Welsh, Founder, The Official Justin

No slides needed here! Building a reputation is no longer optional in sales. Download the handout for highlighted insights, but may we suggest watching the playback to get the real download from Scott and Justin.

Download the handout: Building a Reputation: Keys to Success


Fireside Sales Panel: Modern Non-Email & Call Techniques from the Masters

Courtney Johnson, Director of Digital Presence, Skaled

Nathan Manning, Manager of Business Development, Adobe

Tenny (Wan) Tagg, Sales Manager, LinkedIn

Covering LinkedIn, Direct Mail, and Video. Our panel of experts answer how to use these “non-traditional” sales channels to bolster email and call effectiveness.

Download the handout: Your Daily, Weekly, Monthly LinkedIn Checklist


Masters Playlist

If you didn’t attend the live event, you missed our awesome speaker curated playlist that includes speaker walkups with songs by Andy Mineo, Future, Drake, and Black Star. 

Obviously, hip hop is our jam. Check it out now!


sales engagement masters Spotify playlist


Kickstart everything you’ve learned from the Masters

Hopefully, the three things you took away from the Sales Engagement Masters if you attended, and will take away after you watch the playbacks are how to

  • Pivot your outbound efforts to target today’s buyers with the right messaging and methods
  • Use SEPs and other technologies to optimize your efforts
  • Cultivate digital relationships with “non-traditional” methods
  • Build an online reputation that’s no longer optional in Sales 


Sound overwhelming? It can be if you don’t have the leadership or the resources to take all of these key learnings and start DOING.

Set up time with Jake and the team to get started. Don’t know how much help you’ll need yet and where? Contact us anyway and we’ll figure it out together.



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